hooray – have your say!

as this is about the 500th comic posted here, i’d like to show some interest in my dear readers. heres a questionaire i came up with, please answer in the comment section or by email or post.

1: if there were more regular updates,
(a) i would visit more often
(b) i couldnt care less
(c) i’m here for the first time anyway
(d) i might even donate some money someday

2: my favourite series is
(a) hempelchen und pempelchen
(b) those letter comics
(c) angry chicken
(d) puss w/o words
(e) witze, die die welt nicht braucht
(f) that christmas story
(g) zwarwald

3: till dawn needs most:
(a) a design!!! this wordpress default theme sucks BALLS
(b) a proper font / consistent readability
(c) more colour please
(d) more guest strips
(e) downloadable desktop imagery
(f) a shoppe

4: i am
– male/female
– able to speak german/english/both/neither
– old/young
– a regular visitor but cant be bothered to comment
– huh?/all of the above/dunno
– other comment/cool idea/constructive criticism

non-good idea

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