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happy easter!

you people – the first one is a contribution for the ratemydrawing-easter competition.. called ‘bird flu strikes’ – please vote

and another one from 2003 (words by kyloman) because the above is only one panel long

also: many thanks to edward j grug III – he uploaded the cd of the band he used to play for.. download it and listen – its really good! (alas – the downloads bandwith is exceeded.. try later and in the meatime have a look at his awesome comics!)

and last not least: still Calling all budding artists, animators and filmmakers!: my favourite band, amplifico!

the search for ideas..

oh dear – another whiner-comic:

Dont worry, my English speaking friends, if you dont know the duck in the last ‘panel’. Or – on second thought: do worry! T’is master Leo Leowald, creator of zwarwald, reason enough to learn the German language. And when you’re done with that, check him out!!!

short one today.

okay, okay – i hear you moaning ‘but this is not a proper comic’ already, so heres another one. its old though, from the year 2003: