Archiv für April 2006


..up to date again:

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sorry they were so hard to read and no german version. will fix that if i get enough complaints.
and sorry for the whining again, this is the last one commiserating about th loss of data (for a while;)

EDIT: hey – wait! counting them it seems i made one too much now. but thats alright – keep it as a bonus because you had to suffer for a few days


here we go: i owe yous one for sunday, monday, tuesday and wednesday. heres the first one:

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odd one..

Hey there people – as I am on a holiday of sorts, I’ll unearth another old comic. Its a series, again done in collaboration with good olde kyloman and the first one not the best.. but the quality will increase in the following days, I promise!

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.. und fuer meine deutschsprachigen Freunde eine feine Info noch:
Verdi hat einen Wettbewerb gegen die ‘Geiz ist geil’-Mentalitaet ausgeschrieben..