more boring facts

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  1. Veröffentlich von USa. am 14. November 2006 um 8:53

    Die Enkelin der Queen hat von Dir sehr schöne Augen bekommen.

  2. Veröffentlich von Anonymous Comicolic am 14. November 2006 um 14:59

    I also hate cornichons, when they are pickled in the wrong vinegar, and aren’t crunchy. It’s similar with the onions in mixed-pickles. The squeak between the teeth and don’t taste good. But if you got your gurkins in Germany, their mostly pickled wrongly. So either import, or try E-center (from Edeka) – they’re usually pretty well stocked with a great variety of pickles, and for that matter also Teufli (the Chili-peppers filled with soft-cheese) and cadbury’s chocolate. mmmmh.

  3. Veröffentlich von flo am 15. November 2006 um 0:15

    naja, von allen ostprodukten ist heutzutage die spreewaldgurke noch das attraktivste.

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