i didnt get my post in before 12 AND its a prepared one, too – i’ll gonna do 2 tomorrow to make up for it.
but this one is also the first 3 of a series/ story kinda thing.. lets see where it goes, eh?[swf src=“/swfs/004.swf“ height=“800″ width=“600″]You must have Flash to view this file[/swf]

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  1. Veröffentlicht von byrnedownthehouse am 19. Januar 2006 um 2:25

    Yes lets. Remember, it still counts as the same day if you haven’t gone to sleep yet. sort of…

  2. Veröffentlicht von Administrator am 19. Januar 2006 um 16:41

    actually – you’re right, jonny. must’ve been my drunken state of mind that made me worry. cheerio.

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