crash! boom! bang! excitement and thrill!!!


another one!


i however feel the colouring-process of these few panels shouldnae take best part of two hours..


ok. the keyboard of my g4 died today,
so theres only one coloured pic. sorry.

but! behold the story –
nothing for the faint of heart, i dare say! oh drama!!!
a real cliffhanger, heh heh.. (will colour the rest tomorrow)


i didnt get my post in before 12 AND its a prepared one, too – i’ll gonna do 2 tomorrow to make up for it.
but this one is also the first 3 of a series/ story kinda thing.. lets see where it goes, eh?

tricky translation.

hum hum, its a wee bit clumsy methinks. anyway, i think i’ll post them english first from now on.

press button in lower right corner for english version.

and thus it begins..

with very much help from my friends stephan herczeg and leo leowald my daily comic project finally starts now.

press wee button in lower right corner for english version.


the crazy draw-yourself-as-a-batgirl thing, was i believe started by jamie
(i am number 300 or something)