prop 8

i realised yesterday that not as many people heard about this over here in europe and the only news they have from america is the happy obmania

so please take a few minutes (6.5) and have a look at this.

or, as above vid is rather adressed at the american audience,
read the wiki article about it first. and watch the vid only if you oppose gay marriage. or dont care about it.

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  1. Veröffentlicht von flo am 13. November 2008 um 14:46

    Yeah. F***ing religious nutjobs. Nail freedom and humanism to the cross, and they will still cry for more control and restrictions on anyone not to their exact liking (or is it ‚licking‘?). And they believe themselfs to be the holders of absolute moral truth – no argument possible ma’am. Death-centred perverts.

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