looking back, i dont find the animal-rights comic very funny anymore.
i think that its quite hard to successfully combine political correctness and wit (i will however keep on trying: i recently heard, that the tissue-company ‚tempo‘ is fighting the native folks from the rainforest, and wanted to make a comic about that.. but couldnt come up with a proper one yet. but please go and have a look here – english version at the bottom of the page)

anyway, this reminded me of a drawing i made a while ago:

[swf src=“/swfs/052.swf“ height=“800″ width=“600″]You must have Flash to view this file[/swf]

it is quite hard to translate, but if i had to try, i would do it like this:

the comfortable and the useful are often hard to combine.
(one german word for ‚to combine‘ is ‚verbinden‘ which also means ‚to tie together‘, so theres a german pun involved that makes translation tough.)

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