ok. the keyboard of my g4 died today,
so theres only one coloured pic. sorry.

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but! behold the story –
nothing for the faint of heart, i dare say! oh drama!!!
a real cliffhanger, heh heh.. (will colour the rest tomorrow)
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  1. Veröffentlich von byrnedownthehouse am 21. Januar 2006 um 17:36

    Oh my god! But what about the mice? huh?

  2. Veröffentlich von Administrator am 21. Januar 2006 um 18:57

    ah yes – the mice! keen observing there! well, firstly a german proverb says ‘wenn die katze aus dem haus ist, tanzen die maeuse auf dem tisch’ (as soon as the cat leaves the house, the mice dance on the table) (its a pretty small table – maybe its the mices’) which i thought to be a pretty start for a story and secondly, its not nearly finished yet – stay tuned!!!

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